7 Ways to Stay Optimistic This Christmas

More often than not, the weather affects our mood. The sunlight that breaks through our window can uplift our spirit while a cloudy rainy day can make us feel gloomy and broken-hearted. For some people, transitioning from one season to another (particularly from summer to winter) can be difficult and troublesome. In some parts of the world, the shortening days of autumn mark the onset of clinical depression that usually lasts until spring. al Covo offers SAD Light Therapy for those in need of a Vitmain D and sunlight boost.

The series of Holidays make the winter season even more emotionally aggravating. The commercialisation of Christmas often puts a great pressure on us as it makes us feel obligated to keep up with the traditions.

If you feel like the world is collapsing down on you this Christmas season, here are some things you can do:

1. Assess your feelings.
It’s not enough that you know you feel blue. You should also try hard to determine what is it that makes you feel this way. What’s making you depressed this Christmas season? Is it because you don’t have enough funds to shop for expensive gifts? Is it the pressure of having to make this year’s celebration much better than last year’s? Once you have identified the root cause of the negative feelings overwhelming you, you will be able to think of better solutions.

2. Relax your mind with music.
When the negative thoughts seem to pile up on your head, listening to music can be helpful. They say songs with upbeat rhythms, slower tempos and lighter messages work best in relaxing the mind. But take note, you should play only the music you like. Listen to your favourite songs and while you do, try to visualise positive images.

3. Sweat your negative emotions out.
Let the negative feelings get out from your body through sweat. Exercising stimulates your brain to produce dopamine – the feel-good chemical that uplifts your mood. But don’t overdo it. Too much physical activity can drain your energy, making you more vulnerable to depression and anxiety.

4. Do what makes you feel good.
Make sure it is something healthy; otherwise, better not do it. Determine what activities often make you feel upbeat. Is it cooking, playing sports, gardening? These things are going to help you deal with the negative emotions as they arise.

5. Be mindful.
Meditation and Emotional Freedom Technique practice has been clinically proven to empower the mind and relieve stress, anxiety and other negative emotions. Incorporate meditation in your daily life and experience the magic it brings!

6. Socialise.
People with many friends tend to be happier and optimistic than the so called ‘loners’. Good friends can give you comfort and advice during difficult times. They have the ability to cheer you up when you can’t find any reason to smile.

7. Reach out.
The Christmas season magnifies the spirit of compassion. Studies have shown that giving gives people more happiness than receiving. By helping those who are in a difficult situation, you become more empathetic to your own needs.

I hope these tips are of use to you and I look forward to seeing you soon!
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Love, Steve