Ayurvedic treatments for back ache

Ayurveda is one of India's natural health regimes. It incorporates massage, meditation, detoxification and nutrition into your whole lifestyle according to your prakruti (also known as dosha or biotype). Here are four ways ayurveda deals with backache. At the suite, we offer  ayurvedic signature treatments, massage, kizhi, shirodhara, indian head massage and massage training.

1. Katibasti (Ayurvedic oil pool therapy)

Kati Basti is a special treatment in which warm medicated oil is applied to the lower end of the vertebral region (one or multiple pools can be made of any shape), where it is pooled for a period of time.

This treatment if needed can conclude with a massage of the entire back. A series of these treatments is a great alternative for manipulation, and amazingly beneficial for the below mentioned lower back conditions:

  • Disc bulge
  • Slipped disc
  • Sports injuries 
  • Whiplash injuries 
  • Repetitive stress injuries 
  • Sciatica 
  • Neurological conditions of the lower back.

2. Pindsweda (Ayurvedic Hot Poultice therapy)

This deeply invigorating treatment is done using small linen bags filled with either a special type of rice boiled with various herbs and milk, or just dry Ayurvedic herbal powders. These linen bags or boluses are carefully prepared to tailor the client’s complaints. These boluses, called as ‘Pind’ in Sanskrit, are then used to massage your body. ‘Sweda’ means to sweat or induce heat in the body, making the body lighter and more flexible.

These boluses mostly consist of Ayurvedic herbal powders (100 -150gms) depending on the ailment and the result intended by the Ayurveda physician or the therapist. Some of the popular herbal powders used are Ginger, Barley, Sida Rhombifolia , Withania Somnifera, Ginger, Asparagus racemosus, Sida cordifolia, Clitoria Ternatea, Tinospora Cordifolia , Rhombifolia, Castor etc.

Some common Ayurvedic herbal powder mixtures used are Kolkulathadi and Kottumchukkadi etc. This therapy is used in the management and treatment of:

a. Repetitive stress injuries
b. Sciatica
c. Soft tissue injuries
d. Rheumatoid Arthritis
e. Slipped disc / disc prolapse
f. Ankolysing spondylosis
g. Cervical spondilitis
h .Frozen shoulder
i. Osteo-porosis
j. Osteo- arthritis
k. Fibromyalgia
l. Spondylitis
m. Whiplash injuries
n. Degeneration of intervertebral disc due to over exercising
o. Degeneration of bone and other connective tissues due to sports injuries
p. Prevention from sports injuries – used for rejuvenative purposes.
q. Other Chronic and acute muscular, joint and neurological pains in the back.


3. Medicated Herbal Ayurvedic Enemas: According to Ayurveda bone tissue in humans consists of minute pores which are the seat of the Air and Space elements in the body. The back mainly its the vertebrae, sacrum, hip bone and coccyx that are involved. Also the pelvic girdle is the main seat of these elements which involves the large intestine and excretory channels of the body. As these elements rise in the body giving backache the pelvic girdle becomes dry and rough internally and so could be associated with constipation, hard stools etc. Hence herb infused medicated oil and decoctions are infused painlessly through the lower channels (anus), alleviating the increased Air and Space elements from its root and giving amazingly fast results. The treatment may sound invasive but it is a very effective and painless treatment which could give faster and long lasting results.

4. Ayurvedic Herbal remedies: Ayurveda caters to more then 300 herbs which can be used for balancing all the five elements and alleviating the cause of backache right from its root. These herbs should be strictly taken only when prescribed by a qualified Ayurveda physician.

Please note: All the above recommendations should be done under the supervision of an experienced Ayurvedic consultant.

Best wishes, Steve