Ayurvedic Deep Tissue & Stretching Massage Practical Training

This customised 1-on-1 training offers you the practical knowledge and experience to confidently provide an ayurvedic deep tissue and stretching massage on a chair, massage couch or bed, without gaining a professional qualification. The training gives you plenty of practical experience with a personal adaptation of content for your needs. Students of my Professional Body Massage training course or Professional Indian Head Massage training course can use this customised training to add practical hours of tutored experience.

This training offers you the theory and practical knowledge and experience to treat someone to a deep tissue Ayurvedic Full Body Massage. It combines Ayurvedic Concepts with Full Body and Indian Head Massage to focus on providing the distinct style of a Vishesh full body Ayurvedic Massage in a chair and on the couch. The Vishesh Massage includes stretching and deep tissue massage with a warm blend of oils suitable for the client's prakruti (dosha). Experience of an Ayurvedic Full Body Massage is a good pre-requisite, but not essential. A qualification in Holistic or Swedish Full Body Massage is essential.The training does not include examination in anatomy and physiology, which is required for professional insurance to practice.

The warm, homely, and relaxing environment allows you to learn at your own pace and delve into areas you want to learn more about. Your tutor Steve, a fully qualified therapist, is qualified with VTCT Level 3 Indian Head Massage and Ayurvedic Massage, following extensive experience whilst in Kerala, India, southern Sri Lanka and the Ayurveda Retreat. You receive a training booklet and certificate of completion.

Training at the al Covo suite offers personal training benefits that may suit you.

Your Options

Item Time Price
Ayurvedic Massage Practical Training 2 hours £200
Ayurvedic Massage Practical Training 6 hours £500
Ayurvedic Massage Practical Training 12 hours £900
Ayurvedic Massage Practical Training 20 hours £1,500
Follow Up Sessions and/or Advanced Techniques Each hour £90
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