Acupressure Points for Lovers

Using Acupressure to heighten your sensuality can be satisfying and rewarding in many ways. This article introduces you to the depths of traditional Chinese sensuality and how to stimulate acupressure points to build sexual energy, relieve stress and enhance intimacy. We’ll consider ways to make acupressure experiences intimate. Finally this article presents potent points in the lower back for nurturing sexual energy.

Acupressure is an ancient healing system that was developed over several centuries by Chinese doctors who observed that muscular tension tends to concentrate around certain points in the body. Tension that accumulates
and becomes chronic acts like a traffic jam and blocks the free circulation of energy through the body. This blockage sets the stage for stress disorders and sexual problems.

Acupressure releases muscular tension and eliminates the toxins held in the muscle tissue, thereby enabling energy and blood to flow freely. As blood circulation increases, oxygen and other nutrients can nourish more areas
of the body, naturally heightening a person’s sensuality. When the blood and energy are circulating properly, the person has a greater sense of responsiveness and vibrancy. Using the same points known to be medically
therapeutic, the Chinese people discovered many highly erotic techniques. For instance, exerting firm prolonged pressure into the small indentations of the large triangular bone at the base of the spine (the sacrum)
is a technique used clinically to relieve menstrual cramps, labor pains, sciatica, low back pain, and urinary tract disorders. But try pressing the acupressure points at the base of the spine; it stimulates the genital region as well,
so that it’s often sexually arousing.

In Chinese medicine, acupressure points are considered gateways for human electrical energy. This energy is often referred to as the life force (in Japanese ki, in Chinese chi). It moves throughout the body along pathways called
meridians. A clear flow of energy through the meridians is the key to radiant health, eroticism, and intimacy.
Acupressure points are the junctures of these energy pathways. Holding acupressure points for more than a
minute or so causes the body to release neurochemicals called endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. The release of endorphins during sex can create a euphoric “natural high” and encourage relaxation as well as magnetism and intimacy. In addition to acupressure, meditation, aerobic exercise, and lovemaking all stimulate the release of endorphins.

How To Do Acupressure
You can practice acupressure with a partner in any number of ways. Press and hold the points while you’re hugging, whether as an affectionate greeting or while making love. You may incorporate acupressure into a shoulder and neck massage to relax your partner after a stressful day. Press and hold points to relieve
a headache or help your partner get to sleep at night. There are numerous ways to stimulate the points: you can caress, kiss, lick, suck, and knead them as well as rub them. Often, however, the most powerful stimulation is simply to hold the point firmly.

Acupressure’s healing touch is safe to do on yourself and others - even if you have never done it before, as long as you follow the instructions and pay attention to the cautions. It is noninvasive and produces no drug-like side effects. Since the only equipment you need is your own hands, you can practice acupressure anytime, anywhere.

Sea of Vitality
The Sea of Vitality acupressure points (B 23, B47) cultivate both physical and sexual energy. They are the best points to press in the lower back while hugging your partner. A couple of minutes of pressure on the Sea of Vitality
points can benefit the kidneys, which store sexual energy and govern the reproductive system. Use these points on a regular basis for enhancing your sexual vitality.

Note of Caution: Do not press on disintegrating disks or fractured or broken bones. For someone with a weak back, a few minutes of stationary light touching instead of pressure can be healing. See your doctor first if you need medical advice.

Location: These points lie on the lower back, between the second and third lumbar vertebrae, 2 and 4 finger-widths away from the spine at waist level, in line with your belly button.

Point Applications: Hug your partner front to-front in any position. Place one of your hands over the lower back, with your other hand over that hand for support. Firmly squeeze the ropelike muscular cords on both sides of the lower back, using your fingertips on one side and the heel of your hand on the other, for 1 to 3 minutes as you breathe slow and deeply with your lover.

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