Acupressure Points for headaches and migraines.

Most headaches are caused primarily by tension, which constricts the blood vessels that supply oxygen to the brain. A headache is the body’s warning signal that the brain may not be getting enough oxygen. Too often, we choose to repress the warning signals of a headache by taking aspirin, instead of dealing with the stress and the real cause. If you have a bad headache that persists for more than several days, call your doctor.

The following self-care acupressure routine can be done either lying down or sitting comfortably.


1. Palm Press the Temples. Position the heel of your hand on your temples, in the indentations outside of your eyebrows. Apply firm pressure inward and rotate your hands while breathing deeply for one minute.


2. Hold Base of Skull wth Bridge of Nose. Place a hand under the base of your skull (GB 20), thumb on one side, fingertips on the other, three inches apart. Use your other hand to press the upper ridge of the eye socket near the bridge of the nose (B 2) with your thumb and with your thumb and middle finger. use your index finger to gently touch between the eyebrows (GV 24.5). Press underneath the skull firmly as you tilt your head back and breathe deeply for one minute.


3. Press St 3. Use your middle and index fingers on both hands to gradually press up under the cheekbones, directly below the center of your eyes, for one minute. Straighten your spine and breathe deeply through your nose as you hold these points gently.


4. Press the Headache Point. Place your right thumb into the webbing between the thumb and index finger (LI 4). Direct pressure underneath the bone that attaches to your index finger for a minute. Then switch hands and work on your right hand.