16 Easy Ways to Save Calories

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16 Easy Ways to Save Calories

Out & about...
1. Choose "skinny" coffee options (made with skimmed milk) - such as skinny latte.
2. Skip the cream and use sweetener instead of sugar.
3. If you're having a soft drink, choose a "diet" version. For squash, make sure it's sugar free or no added sugar.

In the kitchen...
1. Weigh out your cereal portion until you get used to what a standard portion looks like. 30g is the average recommended portion size.
2. Choose a low calorie frying spray, instead of using oil to fry. There are several products around now such as Frylight and Flora Cuisine.
3. Choose lower fat meats such as chicken or turkey, and be sure to remove the skin and trim off any fat before cooking.

In the supermarket...
1. Choose tinned fish in spring water or brine, instead of oil to save up to 50% of the calories.
2. Choose lower fat versions of dairy products, for example diet yogurt, reduced fat cheese, skimmed, semi-skimmed milk or 1% fat milk.
3. To help you to reduce your portion size of cheese, choose a mature cheese and grate it.
4. Choose extra light mayonnaise, low fat spreadable cheese, mustard or salsa as an alternative to butter in sandwiches.
5. Choose corn snacks instead of potato crisps to save between 50 and 100 calories per standard pack.
6. Half fill your plate with salad and/or vegetables at each of your lunch and dinner.
7. Choose tomato based pasta sauces, rather than creamy ones for example tomato with chilli/roasted vegetables. As a general rule, choose sauces which contain no more than 60 calories per 100 grams.

When the sweet tooth fairy strikes...
1. As an alternative to ice-cream: take a diet yogurt, stir it, place it into a plastic container and freeze it. When frozen, it's a good substitute for ice cream!
2. Freeze and/or grate chocolate; it will last longer when you eat it!

At the table...
1. Eat slowly - your body will tell you when it's full.
2. Don't leave food in the middle of the table to tempt you. Pack it away, put it in the bin, or store it in the fridge or freezer for another meal.
3. Savour the flavours and enjoy your food. If it's good for you, give it some respect.
4. Try not to go back for second servings, wait at least 10 minutes after finishing your meal before deciding if you need more.