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Weight Loss Meals & Programmes

Steve is very pleased to provide you with a weight loss programme that is nutritionally complete and balanced, proven to be effective, and available at the right pace to suit you, with his 1:1 support. Benefits of weight loss to your health include reducing or preventing diabetes medication, heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, depression, mobility, pain, or as required preparation for an operation or bariatric surgery. Having a healthy weight also helps reduce your vulnerability of additional illnesses such as flu, colds and viruses. Your target may also be increased confidence in your body, a holiday, wedding, birthday, special event, conception, new clothes, doctor's advice, or many other good reasons. Think of what the best balanced nutrition, and a healthy weight would mean to your emotional, mental and physical well-being.

The ready-made, calorie-controlled meals are designed for you if you want to prevent getting overweight, or lose weight, because you have a low daily energy usage compared to your normal daily energy intake through your diet. So, if you don't want to increase your energy usage through exercise, then these meals reduce your energy intake, by fully or part replacing your usual daily diet. The meals therefore balance your in-out daily calories, to prevent you putting on weight and to reduce your weight.  

Steve is a Consultant for Cambridge Weight Plan Programmes, which have been researched and available for over 30 years. He has been successful in managing weight loss with clients since 2011. These programmes offer over 35 meal replacements for 1-4 meals a day and include a large range of tasty low calorie, nutritionally complete rice curries, pasta dishes, soups, porridges, shakes, smoothies, and bars. This means your body gets all the nutrition that is recommended (vitamins, minerals and trace elements) without the calories. The meals each have long shelf lives and are packaged in small individual packets, to be stored in small cupboards or travel bags/stores, outside the fridge. You can choose from:

*Shakes - Banana; Chocolate; Chocolate Mint; Cappuccino; Strawberry; and Vanilla.

*Ready to Drink Shakes - Latte; Apple and Kiwi; and Chocolate.

*Smoothies - Apple and Blackcurrant; Cherry and Strawberry; Strawberry and Banana with Oats; Raspberry Coconut and Oats.

*Soups - Chicken and Mushroom; Leek and Potato; Oriental Chilli; and Vegetable with Croutons.

*Porridge - Original; Apple and Cinnamon; Golden Syrup; and Mixed Berry.

*Bars - Mocha; Dark Chocolate Ginger; Chocolate; Chocolate and Orange Fusion; Lemon Yoghurt; Peanut; Strawberry and Apple Yoghurt; Banoffee; Cherry Bakewell; and Toffee.

*Meals - Macaroni Cheese; Green Pesto Pasta; Spaghetti Bolognese; Thai Green Curry with Noodles; and Chicken Tikka Curry with Rice.

Step Up Meals - Beef Casserole; Beef Kofta Curry with Rice; Chicken Curry; and Veggie Chilli with Potato Wedges.

Snacks - Chicken Pop Squares; Cheese and Onion Pop Squares; BBQ Pop Squares; Original Fava Beans; Sour Cream and Chive Fava Beans; Chilli and Lime Fava Beans; Choc Mint Bites; and Salted Caramel Bites.

Water Flavourings - Golden Vegetable (for stock); Coconut; Orange; Raspberry and Elderflower; Pineapple; and Lemon and Lime. (£7.50 each).

*Only these starred meals are nutritionally complete.

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Item Time Price
Initial Consultation 45 minutes £38
Cambridge Weight Plan meal replacements £2.75
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