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Well-being Club Membership

Join for just one month, or for a year. Membership is ideal as a gift and for people who enjoy the motivation and comfort of a regular well-being session and save a bit of lolly! 

PLATINUM: £25 monthly or £250 annually. Discount all treatment prices by 20%.

CLUB COVO: £75 monthly or £750 annually. Enjoy a £60 treatment and a monthly Hot Tub party with other Club Covo members.

2020 dates for the hot tub parties are: 19th and 26th Jan, 13th and 22nd Feb, 5th and 29th March, April 5th and 20th, May 10th and 29th, June 8th and 15th, July 4th and 20th, August 6th and 27th, September 14th and 28th, October 8th and 25th, November 2nd and 21st, December 3rd and 14th. Relax and enjoy the bubbles!

Your Options

Item Price
PLATINUM Monthly £25
PLATINUM Annually £250
Club Covo Monthly £75
Club Covo Annually £750
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Being a member prompts me to spend some 'me time' each month. Time I need away from everything else in my life, makes me look forward to relaxation!

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