What is male waxing?

Waxing is one of the most popular salon services for men. You feel cleaner, smoother and sexier, more confident and attractive, can enjoy heightened sensitivity, show off body art and muscle definition, and improve sports performance with a wax in the right area. It's like wearing a new suit, or going to the barbers,it gives you the trimmed, tidied suited and booted feel. Southampton's finest male waxer and body grooming expert Steve Reeve, explains what it's like...

If you have unwanted hair on parts of your body, whether that’s your back, legs, arms, shoulders, chest, bottom or somewhere more intimate, waxing is the ideal solution. Waxing keeps the skin hair-free for longer than shaving, is less irritable during regrowth, and new hair appears less dense and finer.

At our discrete suite, you get the finest male waxing specialist in Southampton, Steve Reeve. Your skin will be cleaned and a thin oil barrier applied before the latest next generation wax – either warm (strip) wax or hot (peelable) wax - is applied. This then quickly hardens before being removed with a brisk tug removing the hair. Another cleanse and soothing lotion completes the treatment and you go away with sexy, smooth skin and a free wax aftercare pack for your skin (which not many salons provide!)

Steve studied with depilatory specialists Perron Rigot in London and Axiom in Basingstoke, Hampshire. They offer the UK's first certificated classes in the advanced technique of male intimate waxing; the course was endorsed by Habia under their National Occupational Standards for Intimate Waxing. I use the latest high quality Perron Rigot (non-strip) hot wax specifically designed for intimate male areas such as the speedo line, groin and underarms, and Perron Rigot’s new generation high quality warm strip wax for the back, arms, legs and chest.

Add in the privacy of our non-salon surroundings, no frontage, no other clients, no receptionists, no disturbance and no embarrassment, al Covo offers you a safe, clean, no fuss, discrete waxing environment... with the bonus of knowing it'll always be Steve who treats you! Both hot and warm wax methods are used with extremely high attention paid to hygiene and safety. I always work discreetly and observe client modesty.

In order to create a natural look, if waxed areas require blending into unwaxed areas (for example, back into buttocks), I will do this.

Please note that a mixture of waxing, clippering and/or trimming may be your ideal look - Steve can do both these for you at the same time and you are ready for your exercise of choice….now is it dancing, swimming, running, cycling, sailing, weights or bedroom sport!

Try a new look for yourself, for sport, or for your love life...with Valentine's and springtime around the corner, it could be just time for it.

Call Steve on 02380639913 or 07968650885 for more details.