Top 8 Back Pain Reducers (You Can Do as Part of Your Everyday Life)

Here at the suite, massages, meditations, and other well-being treatments such as Acupressure, Reiki and Reflexology can help reduce back pain, as can some of my Neal's Yard products - arnica cream or gel is especially good. However, most of us have some habits that are making them more at risk of back pain, particularly lower back pain. Here are some of them, cut them out and you may need less of my professional help:

1. Not observing correct posture. Incorrect posture can add so much pressure and stress on your spine and to your muscles. Moreover, it can change the anatomical characteristics of your spine. When sitting, keep the hips a little higher than the knees and stand with the knees slightly bent, and one foot forward. This takes off the pressure from the lower back and decrease strain in the back.

2. Not getting up from your desk for a long time. If you’re like most office workers who are always chained in their desks, chances are you experience lower back pain on a regular basis. Inactivity makes your muscles weaker and damages your spine. Find time to get up from your chair and take a few minutes walking. If it isn’t possible, do some stretching. Ten minutes of stretching is enough to recharge your batteries and make you energetic for the rest of the day.

3. Smoking. People who smoke and have a sedentary lifestyle are more likely to develop serious diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Also, the nicotine in tobacco prevents the blood from reaching the discs that support your vertebrae, triggering back pain.

4. Not exercising. New study shows that people stop exercising after experiencing back pain. What they don’t realise is that they are prolonging their agony and preventing their body from recovering fast. Physical activity is crucial in keeping the spine, bones and muscles healthy. If you don’t have enough time to go to the gym every day, engage on interval training which only necessitates 20 minutes per session, 3 times a week.

5. Not considering yoga. Researchers from the University of Washington found that yoga alleviates lower back pain faster than conventional exercises. This low-intensity exercise is great for everyone – young or old. Yoga is a popular workout program, and you’ll find many health clubs, fitness studios and gyms offering it. So there’s no reason not to try doing yoga!

6. Incorrect lifting. Whether you’re doing weight-lifting exercises or just moving some huge, heavy boxes, incorrect posture can put a toll on your back and expose your spine to injury. When lifting heavy objects, bend your knees and use the strength of your legs. Keep the object close to your body and avoid twisting.

7. Putting so much importance to fashion. Indeed, beauty has a price. A lot of women wear high heels to look more elegant and sexy even if it already hurts, literally. Just a three-inch shoe heel could already put 7 times more pressure on your feet than flat shoes. Research shows that nearly half of women who wear high-heeled shoes are more likely to experience back pain and foot injury. In addition to this, many people, especially women tend to wear heavy totes that cause imbalance on their shoulders.

8. Eating the wrong foods. Research shows that foods which are good for the heart, weight and blood sugar are also good for the back. By feeding your body with essential vitamins and minerals, you also feed your spine with the nutrients it needs to stay in good shape. Healthy eating also lowers the risk of obesity, another risk factor for back pain.

By avoiding these bad habits, you can become more productive and energetic every single day.
Steve x