Shirodhara, Meditation and the 4 states of consciousness

A good daily routine includes 2 sessions of Mental Silence of about 20 minutes. Let us compare the physiological and psychological states during our normal three states of consciousness, with those states during Mental Silence:

  1. Waking State: during the waking state, we have thoughts, we are conscious and our metabolism rate is high.
  2. Dreaming State: during the dreaming state, we have thoughts, we are conscious and our metabolism rate is lower.
  3. Deep sleep without dreams: during deep sleep, thinking process stops, we are not conscious and our metabolism rate is lower still.
  4. Mental Silence: during mental silence, thinking process stops, we are fully conscious and our metabolism rate is still lower than during deep sleep.

To summarize : 


Dreaming State













lower metabolism

lowest metabolism

Mental Silence is unique.  It is the only state of consciousness where our consciousness is fully awake, the mind is totally still (no thoughts) and the body is totally relaxed.There are two practical ways to induce Mental Silence: Shirodhara and Meditation. Both techniques are complementary.

Shirodhara induces Mental Silence by attracting the attention of the subject towards a single focus.  The lukewarm liquid flows on the forehead and runs backwards down the scalp. This gentle caress focuses the attention of the subject on a specific point/area, having the effect to calm down the mind till mental activity stops. Shirodhara has the advantage that you don't have to do anything. You do not need to learn a technique, the practitioner creates the situation and process for you.

Meditation induces Mental Silence through a similar process. For Meditation no equipment is needed and it can be practiced anywhere, in a sitting position. But a technique needs to be learned. In Patanjali Mediation, you should repeatedly divert your attention towards a single focus. Progressively mental activity settles down and stops. The technique can be learned at

I personally use both.  I practice meditation on a daily routine but also like to have a Shirodhara therapy whenever I feel like it.

If you wish to develop your state of mental silence, come into the suite for a Shirodhara session. Call Steve on 07968065885 or 02380639913 for more details.

Best wishes, Steve