How to Self-Practice in Reflexology for Better Sleep

Have you ever wondered how you can restore your sleep patterns naturally?

How about trying this simple Reflexology sequence! It’s something that can be done from the comfort of your own home. You can even ask a loved one to do it for you.

Reflexologists work using a “map of the feet” – where different parts of the foot link to different parts of the body. In essence, the toes link to the brain, eyes, throat and nose. The ball of the foot links to the heart and lungs. The arch of the foot links to the digestive organs and finally; the heel and ankle links to the reproductive system.

We’ve designed a 5-minute routine to help prepare your body and mind for a restful night’s sleep. To help you find the right reflex points on the feet, you can use the image here on my Reflexology treatment web page.


1) Begin by lightly squeezing the feet to relax them.

2) Place your thumbs on the bottom of each foot and massage upwards, from the heel to each toe, starting at the bottom each time.

3) Firmly press your thumb on the top of each toe (this helps to clear the mind after a busy day). Press particularly on the outer edge of the big toe – this encourages melatonin production (the hormone that encourages restful sleep).

4) Move to the ball of the foot, massaging the area with your thumbs. This will help to slow down the breathing, promoting relaxation.

5) Finally, press underneath the ball of the foot. This is the solar plexus point and encourages the body, mind and soul to move into a deeply relaxed state.

6) Finish your pre-sleep ritual with gentle strokes downwards from the toes to the heel of the foot. This will prepare you for a peaceful night’s sleep ahead.

Relax and Enjoy. Combine with some Lavender vapourising in an oil diffuser or spray on your pillow for a touch of aromatherapy.