Male Intimate Waxing..the facts

Male intimate waxing involves the removal of selected hair from underneath the boxer shorts, front and back. It is becoming very popular across all walks of men. Not necessarily easily talked about down the pub, Steve Reeve, Southampton's finest male waxer for men, explains what many men want to know, but don't often chat about...

What is male intimate waxing?
Also known as the infamous 'back, sack and crack', Boyzilian or Brazilian waxing, plus many more names, this increasingly popular service involves the removal of hair from the groin, speedo line, penis, scrotum and buttocks. As much or as little hair can be removed as desired by the customer, with the final price adjusted accordingly.

What is a popular choice?
Many men today opt to wax the scrotum and base of the penis, but will leave some hair above the penis which Steve can trim and tidy. This can lead to the 'optical extra inch', plus a clean, fresh and tidy look. If the pubic hair area is waxed, I can 'blend' it from the waxed to the unwaxed area of the tummy (unless of course you have the tummy waxed aswell). I will also blend the waxed area of the buttocks into the legs and lower back if these are not waxed as part of the treatment.

What happens if I get an erection?
Don’t worry, it happens! Most erections that occur during a Brazilian waxing service have nothing to do with sexual arousal. Instead, it is likely to be no more than an involuntary response to the manipulation of the client’s genitals. Any such arousal normally subsides fairly rapidly. I tend to carry on working, asking the customer to hold himself out of the way or moving to a different area of the body if necessary. It is not necessarily a bad thing - it helps the skin to be stretched taut, which helps remove wax less painfully and prevents bruising of the area.

Are STIs a concern?
Clients with known STIs and urinary tract infections cannot be waxed. If in doubt, don’t wax. To protect myself and my clients, I follow the universal hygiene procedures recommended by Habia: wearing of gloves, avoidance of double-dipping, disinfection or sterilization of equipment as appropriate, clean towels for each client and the correct disposal of salon waste. Waxing is a very safe treatment.

What about aftercare?
Certain activities can risk irritation and infection of newly waxed skin. Please avoid the following:
o    Exposing the skin to sunlight or sun beds for 48 hours
o    Having a sauna or any heat treatment for 24 hours
o    Taking a bath or shower for 24 hours
o    Doing any exercise for 24 hours
o    Applying any moisturisers or body lotions, perfumes, deodorants etc, other than those recommended by your therapist, for 24 hours
o    Having sex for 24 hours after a Brazilian wax

Regular exfoliation (3x a week) after waxing greatly reduces the occurrence of ingrown hairs. The first exfoliation should be done 24 hours after waxing.

I hope this helps explain the basics, but please fell free to call me on 07968065885 or 02380639913 for more details and to book an appointment.

Best wishes, Steve