How to be the best massage therapist

There are tens of thousands of Massage therapists, their numbers are growing steadily. So what's the secret to standing out, to never having to worry about competition? There are a number of things that can work in your favour


Know more than others. This is not just about knowing more techniques, but about having better skills all around. This includes better communication skills, better listening skills, and better therapeutic skills.

Be flexible. Not every way of working fits every client. Some like it strong, some soft, some like whole body sessions, some like focus on specific areas, some like silent sessions, some like explanations and guidance, etc. Never get locked into one mode of working. Instead, be flexible enough to accommodate all of your clients according to their preferences. Don't be a 'one-size-fits-all' therapist.

Specialize. Instead of just learning one whole body sequence, learn specialized Massage work for certain areas like knees, shoulders, back, hands, etc. The more specialized you are, the better you can accommodate your client's needs, and the more comfortable your clients will feel with your abilities.

Diversify. Be willing to learn any skills that can add to your Massage skills. This might be some energy work, some yoga skills, some knowledge about breathing, posture, anatomy, lifestyle habits, or skills from other massage styles.

Any or all of these areas will make you a more well-rounded, effective, and unique Massage therapist, will make you stand out, and will reduce the effect of any competition.

You need to give people a good reason to choose YOU. You need to be able to answer the question "Why should I choose you? What makes you better than XYZ practitioner? What is so special about you?"

If you have good answers to these questions and can back them up with actual skills, then you are far ahead of the crowd.

Then clients will remember you as someone unique. They will come back to you because you provide the best solution to their issues. 

They will be happy to recommend you to others because they know that they are doing their friends and acquaintances a favour.

Where can you learn all these skills? You can learn everything that is mentioned in this message from my experience since 2009 working as a therapist. I offer a lot of diffferent Massage courses. There is a good reason why we don't just offer one general Massage course, but lots of courses with many very specialized topics. 

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Best wishes Steve