5 Ways to Clean Your Aura

Top 5 Ways to Clean Your Aura

Your aura is a soft, ethereal glow that surrounds your body and this glow is made up of faint colors. The glow itself flows through 7 key points in your body called your chakras.

The chakras run all up and down your spine and each chakra directly corresponds to a different part of your being. For example, there are chakras that correspond to your physical self, to your emotional self and to your spiritual self.

Your aura should always be a healthy, radiant glow. You don’t want the colors to be too faint and you don’t want any breaks, tears or misshapen spots marring your aura.  If your aura is always in a healthy way, then your emotions will be balanced and you will likely be in a positive mood most of the time. This is crucial because the law of attraction states that like attracts like. This means that whatever energy you put out into the universe you will attract right back to you. So, if you put positive energy out into the universe, you will attract positive and healthy people and situations back to you. This is all key to your manifestation work.

Here are 5 ways to clean your aura:

1. Visualization techniques.

Visualization techniques are strong and potent allies to have in your corner.  If you practice visualization techniques daily or even weekly you will soon begin to manifest whatever it is you wish to have. You can also use these techniques to protect yourself and to clean house emotionally. One strong and important technique to master is the pink bubble technique. For this, you will need to find a safe, quiet place. Find a place in your home where you are unlikely to be disturbed.  Now, lie down, relax, close your eyes and count slowly to 20.   Breathe in and out slowly. When you are most relaxed, start to visualize a big pink bubble hovering over you near the ceiling. Notice how strong it is.  Now call all of your negative feelings, anything that is sad, anything that is making you angry, anything that is unresolved, call these up to your consciousness.  Become aware of them. Feel them all as strongly as you can. Now let them go right into the pink bubble. When the bubble is full of all of your baggage send it far, far, far away. Watch as the bubble floats higher and higher, right through the roof. Now watch as it floats down your street and out of your county and far away past trees and rivers and brooks. Now watch as it disappears because it has floated so far away.  Notice how light you feel to be rid of your baggage. You are free!

2. Another great way to cleanse your aura is to use the magical and potent power of healing crystals.

There are many crystals out there, but by finding just the right mixture, you can truly help your aura to become more radiant and shiny. Crystals can change energy frequencies, so handle them with care. The best crystals for auric cleansing are rose quartz and spirit quartz.  Start with rose quartz, which is a lovely soft pink stone.  This is the stone of love, peace and healing. By holding this stone in your hand for 20 minutes per day, you will add far more love into your life. These types of love will manifest right before your very eyes: unconditional love, familial love, maternal love, romantic love and friendly love.  You will also strengthen your ties and bonds to your family and friends. Rose quartz opens up your heart and makes forgiveness, compassion and harmony more possible. Having this lovely stone in your home will truly bring more love into your life.

Also have some spirit quartz on hand. This beautiful purple gemstone is an uplifting and extremely spiritual stone.  This crystal will align and purify your entire chakra system and it will also bring you closer to spiritual bodies and the Divine. It will also help you on your path towards true enlightenment.

3. Stand in a rainstorm.

It’s no secret that Mother Nature has some incredible healing powers.  But when you go out into nature, you want to get interactive with her. Walk in the grass with your bare feet, run your hand along the rough bark of a tree, feel the wind softly caress your face. As far as a true cleansing goes, however, you can do no better than to stand directly in a rain shower and let the water carry away any dark matter or negative energies.

4. Smudging.

This is an old Native American custom that has been used for centuries.  To smudge your aura, take white sage and rub it all over your body. The white sage will absorb any negative properties and it will also purify your system.  Then, take a shower and as the white sage is washed away, the negative energies will be washed away also.

5.Comb your aura.

This may sound a little obvious or too easy, but it works like a charm.  Use this method if you have been in places where you may have absorbed negative energies, such as in a prison, a hospital or a cemetery.  Wash your hands thoroughly.  Now stand in an open space. Now use your fingers and begin to comb through the space that is all around you. You are diffusing and dissipating any negative energies that may be in your auric field. Use this method often and you are unlikely to absorb too many negative properties.

So there you have it. Some surefire ways to truly keep your aura bright and clean. Use these methods and technique as often as you can to keep the colors of your aura glowing.  Good luck! Come in for a Chakra Balancing treatment to help you along.