5 Foods to Improve Memory and Brain Function!

Where did you put those car keys? Who moved the remote? Why is it that when you put your wallet or purse down in the same place for weeks and weeks but when you are in dire need of it and having to rush out the door then poof! It vanishes. Disappears. If this feels at all familiar then you are not alone. In fact, many of us suffer from lapses of memory and having the right nutrient rich ‘brain-foods’ can help boost your cerebral stamina.
A few brain exercises can help but it’s what you put in, that you get out, so check out the 5 nutritional options that can help you not just find your vanishing pens and socks but also keeps your mind younger and healthier!

This deliciously creamy and rich fruit, often popular in the Mediterranean diet may be known for being high in fat. But fear not! These fats are of the good kind, monounsaturated, which have actually been found to help with hypertension. A rich intake of these monounsaturated fatty acids can also curb cognitive and mental decline.

Dark Chocolate
Straight to the good stuff. Chocolate. Naturally it’s the darker variety and not the milky, more sugary milk chocolate cousin but the nutrients within this chocolate are too good not to be taken advantage of. Inside a chocolate bar are cocoa flavanols. Typically, more of these occur in darker chocolate which is why I recommend it. A study actually compared the intake of cocoa flavanols with three different groups of elderly people and found that the higher dose of cocoa flavanols, the more chance of improving cognitive function. The research is not entirely definitive but it’s still definitely worth a try. Get some flavanols down you!

Green Tea
Many of us, when feeling the strain of a hard day’s work or the fatigue of juggling various tasks, often turn to our friend coffee. Dark coffee, milky coffee or even a caffeine filled cup of tea. Though there are indeed healthy benefits to consuming coffee every day, drinking green tea to fire up that brain of yours may actually be even better! The dorsolateral prefrontal cortex or DLPFC just to make things easier, is known to scientists for the working memory are positively responds to a consumption of green tea extract from a measure of green tea between 250-500ml. Pop the kettle on!

Soy Beans
On the topic of beverages, try a nice glass of soy milk. A great option, especially for those of you who are vegan or like to avoid dairy! It is known to have an immunomodulatory effect that can actually help with the key balance of hormones and brain circulation. Soy milk is also a great way to help and remedy a sore throat so why not give it a try?

Sweet Potatoes
A personal favourite of mine for being a great substitute to the unhealthier ‘white potato’ and also possibly far more delicious, this orange root vegetable is high in carotenoids which act not just as anti-oxidants but also anti-inflammatory agents too. This in turn can help to promote cognitive function in the elderly. What do you think?

Relax and Love Your Body

Best wishes, Steve xx