Sensual & Intimacy Coaching

Sensual and intimate pleasure is key to your mental and physical health. It is important to the health of your relationships, your work, play and rest. You, your loved ones, and the world need your sensual energy to be healthy. The beneficial effects of sensuality in your daily life can lead to you being in great spirits, have greater satisfaction, being more engaged and performing better at work and in relationships. Improving your sensuality enhances your sex life. Performing better and achieving satisfaction in your sex life can bring great benefits - 

  • reducing feelings of depression, guilt, shame, perceived inadequacies and faults.
  • allowing you to achieve sexual goals and desires.
  • tackling obsessions, addictions, fears, fetishes, kinks, past traumas, inhibitions, worries and concerns.

When you feel lost and stuck in a rut, just talking with someone often eases the mind, and allows you to see a path through to a lighter place. Stop the taboo of hiding your thoughts, and talk through how you're feeling about your sexuality and how you would like to be intimate.

These conversations are often difficult to initiate. This is because of the lack of sex and intimacy seen in public, religious shame and guilt surrounding sex and intimacy, a lack of deeper male friendships, masculine toxicity, toxic and silent partner relationships, the embarrassment of talking about intimate sexual relationships and desires, childhood traumas, and experiences that leave scars and roots embodied within the body, along with the shortage of time in the day and too much time spent with everyday stresses of work life, domestic life and family and friends.

Male sexual culture often affirms, and teaches, the wrong things when it comes to sex: power, making it quick, silent, and goal-oriented. All of these approaches actually work powerfully against having a joy-filled, passionate and meaningful intimate life. Sex and intimacy are swept under the carpet and men and women are left prone to struggle with emotional intimacy. As a result, the individual or couple suffer from a low range and volume of sexual relationships that they could healthily enjoy.

By talking about your sex life, you can address low levels of intimacy and sexual problems, Thankfully, there is growing positive media coverage of everyone's mental health and a growing social acceptance of the range of sexual passions and identities. It is possible with strength, courage and communication, to realise and be proud of who you really are. It is normal to want to initiate a new spark with existing partners, wanting to try new partners and forms of sexual play.

Steve will guide you through and provide some easy-to-learn techniques that deepen and intensify your experience of the senses and sex, making it more meaningful to you and your partners. Practical coaching can integrate all 5 senses, bodywork, breath work, massage, yoga and touch exploration. He will open your mind to the range of sexual thoughts, energy techniques, mindsets, positions, toys, accessories, foreplay, afterplay and planning available for you to use when self pleasuring and with one or more partner.

Steve is a trained advanced counsellor practitioner and coach, specialising in tantra. Psychosexual Counselling is about listening to someone and encouraging them to explore their feelings. It can be a great tool for facing behavioural and mental obsessions, addictions, traumas, depression, fears and phobias. Tantra offers you open communication, intimacy and connection, and realises and celebrates the power of sexual energy. Coaching offers practical ways forward and motivates you to try and achieve them. These three therapies are weaved together by Steve in intimacy coaching, to give you self confidence and satisfaction in your sex life, and to improve your sexual attitude and performance in body, mind and spirit.

Steve's passion and dedication to personal intimacy is borne out in his range of professional consultations, treatments and training available to you. He also offers Classic MassagesEastern Therapies and Massages, and Well-Being treatments, such as Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping, Meditation and Energy Transfer, HypnotherapyProfessional CounsellingTantra training and Massage training courses, which can help you further.

This coaching service offers a talking therapy service which provides women and men with an often overlooked focused discussion with a trained coach, about your sexual identity, beliefs and passions. The journey is guided by your needs, and I bring my learning, skills, heart and body in joyful service to support you. Steve will suggest and show you paths forward. Steve will offer you many practical tantric experiences to help you explore your sexual identities, intimate roles and desires.

Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom, Facetime, FaceChat and other platforms allow online, live video sessions of sexuality and intimacy coaching with Steve, if you prefer not to come into the suite. These are talking therapy sessions that provide a space of safety, nurturance, and freedom of expression. Women and men can explore their sexual health, vitality and transformation, while in the care and full focused presence of a counsellor and coach.

Sessions are available to individuals and to couples.

Your Options

Item Time Price
Sensual & Intimacy Coaching (single) 1 hour £90
Sensual & Intimacy Coaching (single) 90 mins £120
Sensual & Intimacy Coaching (single) 2 hours £150
Sensual & Intimacy Coaching (couple) 1 hour £125
Sensual & Intimacy Coaching (couple) 90 mins £180
Sensual & Intimacy Coaching (couple) 2 hours £225
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Session time includes consultation, treatment, aftercare and any use of shower/washroom. Please note an extra (free) 20 minutes may be required for your first treatment's consultation. Membership and Treatment Course Prepurchases can save you money. We reserve the right to charge the full appointment fee for missed appointments and cancellation with less than 24 hours notice.

You have provided my partner and I with a fantastic set of personalised exercises for us to carry out both together and alone. The programme you developed has initiated both of us to new forms of intimacy, first with ourselves and our own bodies and minds, and then together as a couple. We wish was had tried this years ago but thankfully it wasn't too late for us to realise our sex life could be improved! We understood and tried these new and inspiring ways to enjoy personal intimacy and our sex life. More than ever we now feel free to communicate much better with each other, and our connection is so much stronger because of this.

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