Thai Yoga Massage Practical Training

Learn how to provide a Thai Yoga Massage Therapy treatment by combining acupressure massage, gentle stretching and applied yoga to a role model. The therapist and client are dressed in loose clothing, and the client lies face up, face down, and on their side and upright, during the treatment on a floor mat. You will be stood up, sat and moving around the mat whilst providing the treatment. The massage involves no oil or cream. No experience in yoga, stretching or massage is required to learn this technique, but each is an advantage.

Experienced from Thailand travels, Steve will teach you to use your hands, legs, feet and whole torso to apply pressure, rock, and gently stretch your partner, or role model. Their feet, upper and lower legs, hips, stomach, chest, shoulders, arms, hands, head and scalp can all be pressed and stretched in this wonderful massage for muscles and joints.

Thai Yoga Massage is a safe and grounding, re-connecting experience where the therapist opens up energy lines (sen lines), increasing awareness and flexibility within the body. Northern Thailand, Bangkok and other areas of the world revere this form of therapy as leading to health, balance, centeredness and well-being for many conditions including rehabilitation of mental and physical disorders in preference to other forms physiotherapy and chiropractice.

For those new to yoga or stretching, an easy entry level treatment prgoramme can be taught; for those already practising yoga or pilates, Steve can teach the application of more accomplished positions during the training. Please contact Steve to discuss your level of comfort and experience before treatment.

A 2 hour massage is considered the minimum for a full body massage in Northern Thailand., so 4 hours is the recommended minimum time to teach a full basic routine.

Your Options

Item Time Price
Thai Yoga Massage Therapy Practical Training 2 hours £200
Thai Yoga Massage Therapy Practical Training 6 hours £550
Thai Yoga Massage Therapy Practical Training 12 hours £1,000
Thai Yoga Massage Therapy Practical Training 20 hours £1,600
Follow up Sessions and/or Advanced Techniques 1 hour £90
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