Natural Remedy Detox, Anti-Ageing & Hydrating Ultra-Fibre Facial Masks

Our faces often demonstrate a build up of toxins. These orginate from natural cellular metabolic activity as our body cells live, regenerate and exercise. Toxins also are brought into our bodies from polluted air, food, drink and toxic chemical substances from our in-breath, digestion, and skin absorption during busy lives spent in households, workplaces, shops, commuting, cleaning, unpackaging and countless other activities. Our body naturally tries to remove these through breath, skin sweat and pores, and excretion. However sometimes our bodies build up these toxins in fat, the liver and other organs, lymphoedema (swelling from excessive tissue fluid) and the skin often is symptomatic of this toxic build up. Therefore, some detoxification help for our faces becomes a quick method of rejuvenation.

Steve offers natural plant (eg bamboo charcoal, avocado, aloe vera, hazel and peppermint) facial wraps which contain antioxidants and nourishing fatty acids, along with vitamins, minerals, moisturing, cleansing and toning properties for the face. The masks adopt the Japanese style ultra-fibre sheet that are soft and gentle on the skin, whilst being ultra thin and strong material with excellent adhesion qualities. Simply peel the back off from the mask, unfold and apply the mask over the whole face, aligning the holes to your nose, eyes and mouth until it fits and stays firmly in place. These are left on for 10-30 minutes to help draw out toxins, prevent build up, and remove the symptoms of toxicity. The body absorbs the natural goodness of the mask, allowing natural goodness to be absorbed to work through the skin and body. This 'at home' treatment relaxes, exfoliates, cleanses, balances and rehydrates. Carefully peel off the mask and discard when complete.

This fantastic skin maintenance treatment focuses on detoxification, beautification (natural colour), anti-aging (skin tightening), and hydration (nourishment):

  • Lift away dead skin cells to allow newer skin cells to regenerate.
  • Cleanse, relax and soothe, deep clean pores, extract black heads and eliminate congestion.
  • Cool and refresh, improve and unify skin texture to enhance appearance.
  • Soften, nourish and lubricate men's beard hair deep into the roots to leave it looking younger and healthier.
  • Source of vitamins, protecting anti-oxidants and nourishing essential fatty acids
  • Moisturise and reduce eye bags.
  • Firm, tone and boost skin's suppleness, by stimulating collagen and elastin production, reviving elasticity and glow, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, moisture- and colour-boosting dark and sagging skin..
  • Deep hydration for the cellular structure
  • Reduce large and frequent pores, high levels of oiliness or dryness
  • Reduce a decline in collagen levels (causing sagging), shaving troubles (grazing, burn and dryness), colour variations, and toxins and pollutants from city and office life such as commuting, alcohol, poor nutrition and stress.
  • Reduce swelling, inflammation and puffiness, helping to speed up healing, improving the appearance of scars and the strength and thickness of the cellular structure.
  • Support serotonin levels and mood, sleep quality and duration, reducing headaches and stress

Proven to be safe and effective. Get your facial mask today and start enjoying a plethora of benefits!

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ChocoBeauty Facial Mask £8
Aloe Vera, Avocado, Peppermint Facial Ultra-Fibre Sheet Mask £8
Wolf Project Men's Facial Ultra-Fibre Bamboo Charcoal Sheet Mask £8
The Man Company Collagen Facial Ultra-Fibre Sheet Mask £8
Wolf Project Men's Mud Mask £8
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