Massage Tools Practical Training

This course teaches you to massage with tools and parts of the body other than the hands. Our newly revised Massage Tools Practical Training Course extends the sensations, textures, pace and pressure of manipulation to skin and muscular tissue from the classic hands-on massage. A highly practical experience for therapists on how to massage also benefits the therapist from putting excess strain on wrists or inflamming thumbs from normal massage techniques. The tools are usually easy to transport for mobile therapists, and easy to clean. For the client, massage tools offer deeper affecting treatments, heat, self-care opportunities (i.e. the client may be able to use the tools themselves), and offers a variety of techniques during their treatments to offer a truly holistic and personalised experience. 

Learning to massage without using your hands comes from the experience and knowledge of a fully qualified massage and holistic therapist, Steve. You will learn effective and pleasurable massage techniques to suit both relaxing and deeper massages. You would benefit having Relaxing Full Body Massage Training beforehand, but it is not essential. Course lengths are flexible to allow for students' different experiences and goals. You take home a course booklet on Massage Tools, plus a Certificate of Completion of the Massage Tools Practical Training Course.

Please contact me to discuss your ideal course. We can cover as many of these techniques as you like:

  • TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) such as Acupeo
  • EMS (Electro Muscular Stimulation) such as Therapulse
  • Cupping
  • Hot Basalt Stones
  • Jade Stones (eg Gua Sha & The Wavestone)
  • Herbal Compresses
  • Warmed Bamboo
  • Mits, Brushes and Scrubs
  • Rollers, Knobblers and Atoms
  • Muscle guns eg Theragun
  • Therapist's Elbows, Forearms, Knuckles and Ulna Border, Tapotement
  • Therapist's Feet and Lower Legs
  • Breath, Feather, Fabrics and Fur

Your Options

Item Time Price
Massage Tools Practical Training 2 hours £200
Massage Tools Practical Training 6 hours £500
Massage Tools Practical Training 12 hours £900
Follow Up Sessions or Advanced Tehniques 1 hour £90
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