Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt & Himalayan Salts

Salts are often used in baths and also as skin scrubs. In the bath, a handful of salts dissolves easily in hot water and with a few drops of lavender oil also added to the water, it makes for the perfect relaxation and skin tonic. As a scrub, salt crystals are rubbed directly over the skin, to slough off the top dead layers of skin, leaving the younger rosier skin feeling fresh, clean, super silky and smooth to touch.

Steve can provide pure salt crystals, or he can blend the crystals with essential oils, such as peppermint, ylang ylang, lavender, camphor, grapefruit, lemon, neroli, sandalwood, chamomile, vetivert, patchouli, bergamot and many others. An aromatherapy scrub is perfect to use in the shower before you turn the water on, then turn teh water on to wash away the scrub and dead skin. Steve offers full body scrub and shower at the suite. . 


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Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt & Himalayan Salts 1kg From£10
Personalised Scrub Blends with Essential Oils 500g £18
Personalised Scrub Blends with Essential Oils 1kg £30
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I love receiving your scrub in the suite, however I also like to rub myself down at home in the shower AND use them in the bath. The different personalised scrubs you make [Steve] are just perfect for back home.

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