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Heat Healer Signature Package

A wonderful, blissfully warming and healing treatment package that uses heat, fresh air, water, far infrared light, oils and massage to quickly relax the muscles and mind, maximising your feel-good time at the suite. Heat improves detoxification, muscular fatigue and lactic acid removal, digestive metabolism, increases blood circulation and reduces high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, migraines and insomnia.

This will provide you with a healthy glow, deeply relaxing the body's muscles and soothing the psyche, all in the unique privacy of being the only person here at the suite - except for your masseur Steve.

Play and relax in the spacious and luxurious hot tub, trying out each of the 3 tub seats and 1 lounger, souped up to the max with massage jets pumping water and air, giving you the perfect hot start in fresh air. Showers can be taken inside or outside by the tub, before inbetween and afterwards.

Then you can have a far infrared sauna in your own private cocoon inside the suite for 45 minutes or an hour. Far infrared saunas help to rejuvenate the skin, offer intense detoxification, improve circulation, reduce muscle fatigue, relax and calm the mind, and aid weight loss through calorific burn.

You then have 5 recommended options for your private massage, but if you prefer another type of massage, just ask and Steve will quote you if there's any change in price. For example,

1 hour: 20 minutes private hot tub time, 40 minutes Steamed Hot Herbal Compress Back and Shoulder Massage with Thai Oils.

2 hours: 30 mins private hot tub time, 1 hour 30 mins Sizzling Hot Compress Full Body Massage with Ayurvedic Oils.

3 hours: 1 hour private far infrared sauna cocoon, 30 minutes Kizhi Skin Conditioning, and 1 hour 30 mins Hot Stone Full Body Massage Therapy or Cupping and Gua Sha Therapy

4 hours: 30 mins private hot tub time, 1 hour private far infrared sauna cocoon, 2 hours Full Body Hot Compress and Hot Stone Massage.

Let your mind and muscles melt away!


Your Options

Item Time Price
Heat Healer Signature Treatment 1 hour 30 mins £100
Heat Healer Signature Treatment 2 hours £130
Heat Healer Signature Treatment 2 hours 30 mins £160
Heat Healer Signature Treatment 3 hours £190
Heat Healer Signature Treatment 3 hours 30 mins £220
Heat Healer Signature Treatment 4 hours £250
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Session time includes consultation, treatment, aftercare and any use of shower/washroom. Please note an extra (free) 20 minutes may be required for your first treatment's consultation. Membership and Treatment Course Prepurchases can save you money. We reserve the right to charge the full appointment fee for missed appointments and cancellation with less than 24 hours notice.

Hot Hot HOT! I just LOVE getting into the private hot tub to start, it really gets me in the right mindset. Then, knowing I have another hour of infrared healing and sauna relaxation in the suite is just bliss. A 2 hour private massage with you with the heat of stones and the herbal compress with oils over my body totally relaxes my mind and body and I feel wonderful for hours and the next days afterwards.

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