Male Wet Shave Treatments Practical Training

This customised 1-on-1 training offers you the practical knowledge and experience to confidently provide a men's wet shave treatment. Experience of a wet shave is a good pre-requisite, but not essential. The training gives you plenty of practical experience with a personal adaptation of content for your needs, whether you need to gain practice on the consultation, scrub, application of towels, products, and razor cutting of hair.

You will find it compliments very well my training courses in Facial Treatments, Facial Waxing, Indian Head Massage, Body Waxing or Body Massage, so students can use this customised training to add an extra bow to their string.

Course dates and lengths are flexible to allow for students' different experience and goals.The warm, homely, and relaxing environment here allows you to learn at your own pace and delve into areas you want to learn more about, as there will be no other students here. Your tutor Steve is a fully qualified HABIA endorsed professional for many years. You receive a training booklet and certificate of completion.

al Covo's suite offers personal training benefits to suit you. Please contact me to discuss your ideal training. I am happy to advise before and after training on products and further resources.

Your Options

Item Time Price
Male Wet Shave Treatment Practical Training 2 hours £250
Male Wet Shave Treatment Practical Training 6 hours £700
Male Wet Shave Treatment Practical Training 12 hours £1,300
Add hours 1 hour £120
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