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Offers of the Month

This month as the daylight draws in and the temperatures fall, there is the opportunity to enjoy 20% off a steamed hot herbal compress massage. It offers a three-fold treatment. 1) The muslin cloth exfoliates the skin (gets rid of the dead skin) leaving the skin able to do its job better, cleansing pores, feeling fresher and looking rosier. 2) The herbs in the compress and the massage oil both have aromatherapy benefits, moisturising and nourishing the skin. The Thai herbs of lemongrass and galangal also are said to have extra-sensory benefits as well as smelling divine. 3) The hot massage improves circulation and warmth as well as reducing muscular adhesions and stretching our compressed and tight fibres. Enjoy it this month at 20% off.

This month I have discounted two fantastic online courses. Both courses are online so you can pop in and out of it at your own pace and whenever you want. If you want to buy either course and start it in the new year, or gift the course to someone else for Christmas, then that is fine. Successfully completing assessment modules include certification to practice by the Guild Of Therapists - if you wish to go ahead and practice professionally. I am available as your tutor for advice.

The first course, Aromatherapy, is your chance to learn about the great essential oils for making scented candles, perfumes, ointments, herbal remedies, massage and bath oils, room diffusers and sprays, soaps, body scrubs, cooking oils and many other items you may choose to make as Christmas presents and make a herbal gift for friends or family, or to set yourself up as a professional Aromatherapist.

My second course, Anatomy and Physiology is an essential pre-requisite for acquiring insurance to treat clients, and as a basis for therapists of massage, reflexology, waxing, and other body treatments. This course gives you the fascinating knowledge not just of skin, muscles and bones, but how all the body's systems work together (nervous, endocrine, respiratory, digestive, skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, lymphatic/immunity, reproductive and urinary systems) allowing you to understand the magic complexity of your body.    

Learn what nature gave you in your body, and what nature's essential oils around you, have to offer. Nature's plan for your health is at your fingertips with these courses.

Call me on 02380639913 or 07968065885 to book.


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Item Time Price
Full Body Hot Herbal Compress Massage 60 mins £44
Full Body Hot Herbal Compress Massage 90 mins £60
Professional Aromatherapy Course 26 hours £196
Professional Anatomy and Physiology Course 30 hours £196
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