Clippering, Shaving, Trimming and Tidying photo

Clippering, Shaving, Trimming and Tidying

There's no area that's too big or small for a quick trim and tidy up to smarten up your appearance and feel, prepare for an exciting evening, laser hair removal, operation or something special. Steve trims and tidies male body hair using trimmers for the back and chest, facial grooming trimmers for ears and nose, threading and tweezing for the eyebrows, and special trimmers for the front and back under the boxer shorts.

Trimmers cut the hair at the skin surface or at a set distance from the skin (e.g. 0.25cm, 0.5cm, 1cm). It is great for large areas of hair removal for men, such as the back, legs, chest or tummy, and smaller trimmers are designed for the ears, nostrils, buttocks, crack, scrotum, penis and pubic mound. It is quicker, cheaper and less painful than waxing. However growth comes back much quicker than waxing, appears more dense, and is usually more itchy (like shaving).

Small scissors, tweezers or thread are best used to tidy smaller areas such as the eyebrows or to pluck odd hairs here and there.

All types of hair removal can be combined together for your best look and feel here at al Covo. Male Waxing, Male Sugaring, Emjoi Hair Epilation, Male Wet Shaving, Facial Skin Maintenance, Body Scrub and a Male Manicure and Pedicure can provide ultimate grooming in one session.

Your Options

Item Time Price
Nostrils, Ears and Eyebrows 15 mins From£15
Chest and Tummy 20 mins From£20
Back and Shoulders 20 mins From£20
Legs incl. Speedo line, Feet & Toes 20 mins From£20
Scrotum, Penis and Crack 20 mins From£25
Full genital areas (Lower Back, Buttocks, Crack, Penis, Pubic Hair, Scrotum) 30 mins From£30
Full body without any genital areas 60 mins From£55
Full body with genital area 90 mins From£75
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What I like about your suite is that it's not a beauty salon, there are no other clients, and the relaxing ambience. It is not a busy, clinical or women-dominated salon. It is run by a man for a man!

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