With a choice of many different treatments and products, sometimes it's easier to discuss your situation with Steve to help decide which therapy, product and/or lifestyle choices are best for you. A 20 minute consultation here, over an email, or on the phone is free. However, for those of you who want to discuss more fully your range of choices for better well-being, I offer a dedicated face to face consultation with optional written report containing my recommendations.

The Well-Being Consultation looks at your personal facts, which can be supplied by an email prior to meeting if you prefer to save time here. Body mass index, eating habits, age, star sign, sleep pattern, medical history and current health concerns, skin and muscular condition, posture, toxin intake, detoxification processes, exercise, stress levels, personality, seasonal changes, and emotional, financial, time and physical restraints can all effect your well-being, and can be considered relevant in achieving better health.

With this information, I then recommend suitable lifestyle, product and therapy choices to help your well-being. A chargeable consultation allows you to 10% off your first follow up product or treatment, which popularly includes Body Wraps, Detox Programmes, Homoeopathic, Herbal and Nutritional Remedies and Nutritional Supplements, Ear Candling, Reflexology, Reiki, Body Scrub Treatment, Meditation and Chanting, Stretching, Strengthening and Aerobic Exercise Programmes, Massages, Exercise, Diet and Lifestyle changes, and other complementary therapies and products. This personal recommendation can be provided in a written or email report if you wish for a further £50. Please note I do not diagnose medical conditions and you should [continue to] consult your medical practitioner for medical advice. The advice I give is complimentary to your medical advice.

I needed guidance on choosing the appropriate way forward for my current circumstances, with someone who has experience and qualifications in the variety of options available.


Relax and enjoy personalised well-being advice by Steve in Southampton. Ring or email Steve now on 02380639913 or 07968065885 to book. Enjoy with a complimentary glass of freshly blended juice from organic vegetables or fruits.


Session Time


Well-Being Consultation 40 mins £25
  60 mins £35
  90 mins £50
*Please add £50 for a personal written report (on paper or email). A chargeable consultation allows you to 10% off your first follow up product or treatment (for example Reflexology and Homoeopathic, Herbal and Nutritional Remedies and Nutritional Supplements).

Membership and Course Purchases reduce the price. Speak to your private health insurance or employer as they may provide you with subsidies or full payment for your training or treatments.