Individual exercise programmes are great for your health, looks, posture, confidence and well-being. Exercise also complements a Body Wrap or a Weight Loss Programme, Remedial Massage and Sports Massage, TENS and Electro Muscular Stimulation programme.

Our increasingly sedentary lifestyles are causing many health problems (inactivity is the leading causal factor of coronary heart disease) and current government recommendations are to complete 150 minutes of exercise and 2 muscle-strengthening sessions a week for health benefits.

Inactivity is the 4th leading risk factor for global mortality, estimated to be the main cause for approximately 21-25% of breast and colon cancers, 27% of diabetes and approximately 30% of ischaemic heart disease (WHO, 2011). Only 37% of men and 24% of women currently meet government targets (or are sufficiently active) to benefit their health. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, breast and colon cancer, depression, and the risk of falls. It improves bone and functional health. Exercise is also a key determinant of energy expenditure, and thus is fundamental to energy balance and weight control. Becoming more active gives a huge gain in health benefits, increases energy output, increases your resting metabolic rate, reduces abdominal fat, regulates appetite, improves self confidence, reduces lean muscle loss when losing weight, and is important for long term weight management (more so than diet alone).

There are 3 main types of exercise: Stretching, Cardio-vascular (Aerobic) and Strengthening. Stretching maintains a range of motion in your joints and reduces the risk of injury, warms the muscles for activity, increases relaxation after exercise, improves flexibility and can also be meditative and calming. Cardiovascular activities make the heart and lungs work harder than normal include walking, swimming and skipping. Strengthening exercises will focus on core and/or other muscle groups, making use of resistance bands, kettle bell, or everyday household items such as books, tins and bags of sugar. I provide a targeted holistic programme for your fitness by improving your flexibility, posture, muscle build and condition, without the need to visit a gym.

Exercise activity programmes consist of:

  • Assessment of your posture, mobility, flexibility, current activity levels and lifestyle/time/job commitments.
  • Agreement on benchmark achievement targets.
  • Demonstration of a set of exercises/activities specifically for you.
  • Personal exercise booklets.
  • Weekly assessments where I listen to your feedback and change your activities as required.
  • Progressive improvements as you develop confidence, strength and ability.
  • Enhanced results with treatments, medical advice and nutritional advice.

I've been concerned about my posture since being tall as a child and thought it's about time I did something about it. Combined with remedial massage, this programme has changed the way I hold myself and think about posture in everyday life.

Extended session times allow a more thorough programme to be taught, practiced and reviewed. An hour is recommended for your first session, thereafter 20 minutes each week.

Relax and enjoy better health and confidence through stretching, strengthening and aerobic activity programmes by Steve in Southampton. Ring or email Steve now on 02380639913 or 07968065885 to book.

Read my Stretching and Exercise blogs for more of my personal knowledge and experience.

Suggested treatment times:


Session Time*


Exercise and Activity Programmes 20 mins £20
  40 mins £30
  60 mins £40
  90 mins £60

*Session time includes consultation, treatment, aftercare and any use of shower/washroom.

**Membership and Course Purchases can reduce the price. Speak to your private health insurance or employer as they may provide you with subsidies or full payment for your treatments and training.