Nutritional Therapy helps you to find a better nutritional balance to improve health, vitality, self-esteem and well-being. Nutrition is the only area of your health where you have complete control - and your body needs good food to work properly, fight disease and restore health. So, it pays well to spend some time thinking about what you give your body. When considering food, think of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, protein, carbohydrates and fats. Think also about the times of day you eat, your lifestyle, exercise levels, detoxification processes, and food quality - ie - freshness, source, added chemicals, processing and food miles.

A good diet (combined with exercise) goes a very long way to maintaining good health, and to restoring health to many common concerns including energy levels (overactivity or fatigue), healthy blood sugar balance, high blood pressure, emotional wellbeing (depression, poor concentration, anxiety, stress, insomnia, mood swings), bad breath, headaches, optimum gastro-intestinal health and tolerance to food groups, immunity, kidney, liver, hormonal, reproductive, muscular and bone issues. Please continue to take any existing medication prescribed by a medical practitioner - consider this treatment as complementary to any medical advice you receive.

Read my Nutritional Therapy blogs for more of my personal knowledge and experience.

Qualified with a Level 3 NCFE Certificate in Nutritional Therapy, a NACNE Certificate in Nutrition for Weight Management and a NACNE Certificate in Sports Nutrition, I can offer:

The point is to have an objective and then I will help you plan how to best achieve it through changing what, when, how and why you eat and drink what you do.


Relax and enjoy Nutritional Therapy Advice and a Consultation by Steve in Southampton. Steve is qualified with a Level 3 NCFE qualification in Nutrition and is a Consultant for the Cambridge Weight Loss Programme.  Ring or email Steve now on 02380639913 or 07968065885 to book. A 20 minute consultation here, over an email, or on the phone is free. However, for those of you who want to discuss more fully your range of choices for better well-being, I offer a dedicated face to face consultation. Enjoy with a complimentary glass of freshly blended juice from organic vegetables or fruits.

Suggested treatment time:


Session Time


Nutritional Therapy Advice and Consultation 40 mins £35
  60 mins £45
  90 mins £65

*A chargeable consultation allows you to 10% off your first follow up product or treatment (for example, Homoeopathic, Herbal and Nutritional Remedies and Nutritional Supplements or a Body Wrap).

Membership and Course Purchases reduce the price. Speak to your private health insurance or employer as they may provide you with subsidies or full payment for your treatments.