Male waxing by an experienced professional male in relaxing surroundings. From bushy brows to hairy toes and everything in-between, waxing helps you feel cleaner, smoother and sexier in and out of clothes, making you more confident and attractive, just like wearing a new suit or going to the barbers. You can do it to please your other half, improve sports performance, enjoy heightened sensitivity, reduce friction, view your body tattoos, piercings & body parts, show off muscle definition and skin tone. Waxing keeps the skin hair-free for longer than shaving (4-6 weeks between treatments is a minimum), hair is less irritable during regrowth, and new hair appears less dense and finer. With repeated waxing, hair may not grow back at all from some follicles.

Click for details about general waxing and intimate male waxing and to read articles on my blog. All waxing is carried out by Steve. I have pain relieving gel with Lidocaine for those with sensitive skin.

For the ultimate grooming package, waxing can be combined or replaced with Male Sugaring, Emjoi Hair Epilation, Shaving, Trimming and Tidying, Male Wet Shaving, Facial Skin Maintenance, and a Male Manicure and Pedicure. Ring or email Steve now on 02380639913 or 07968065885 to book or discuss your best options.

Benefits of waxing at al Covo include:

  • A discrete waxing environment... you have the privacy of our non-salon surroundings, no frontage, no other clients, no receptionists, and no women! Your privacy, modesty and confidentiality is protected at all times.
  • Steve studied with depilatory specialists Perron Rigot in London and male waxing leaders Axiom in Basingstoke and is a member of the Perron Rigot Expert Waxing Network.
  • Perron Rigot finest hot peelable wax is used for the groin and crack, and the new generation Crystal Ocean high quality warm strip wax is used for the back, arms, legs and chest.
  • Extremely high attention paid to hygiene and safety, including cleansing before and after the wax, applying pain relieving and soothing lotion, and a free wax aftercare pack for your skin's health. I also retail a great range of aftercare products.
  • Steve always asks exactly the area you want waxed, and then takes his time to make sure he waxes to the lines you want. For a natural look, Steve is happy to blend waxed areas into unwaxed areas.
  • You can have a mixture of waxing, and/or Male Grooming to create your ideal look.
  • It'll always be Steve who waxes you.

What I like most about al Covo is Steve always asks exactly the area I want waxed, and then takes his time to make sure he waxes and blends the area in so it looks natural. A relaxing and unhurried service.



Approximate waxing treatment times:


Session Time*


Nostrils, Ears or Eyebrows 15 mins £15
Nostrils, Ears and Eyebrows 30 mins £25
Underarms 15 mins £15
Neck, Shoulders & Upper Arms 20 mins £20
Chest or Tummy 20 mins £20
Chest & Tummy 40 mins £30
Half Arms (above or below elbow) 40 mins £30
Full Arms & Hands 60 mins £40
Back 40 mins £30
Lower Back and Buttocks 30 mins £25
Back, Neck & Shoulders to T-shirt 50 mins £35
Back, Lower Back & Buttocks 50 mins £40
Back, Shoulders and Buttocks 60 mins £45
Back, Neck, Shoulders to T-shirt, Chest & Tummy 90 mins £55
Half Legs (above or below knee) 30 mins £25
Full leg incl. Speedo line & Feet 70 mins £45
Buttocks & Crack 30 mins £35
Scrotum & Penis 30 mins £35
Scrotum, Penis & Speedo Line 40 mins £40
Scrotum, Penis, Speedo Line & Pubic Hair 50 mins £45
Male Brazilian/ Hollywood/ Back Sack and Crack - Buttocks, Crack, Scrotum, Penis, Speedo Line & Pubic Hair 80 mins


Full body missing Male Brazilian areas 3.5 hours £145
Full body with Male Brazilian 4.5 hours £195

*These times and prices are approximate. The time taken and price may vary considerably depending on your body size, the density of your hair growth and length of hair. Session time includes consultation, treatment, aftercare and any use of shower/washroom. Please note an extra (free) 20 minutes may be required for your first treatment's consultation. Membership and Course Purchases reduce the price.