Herbal Remedies and Aromatherapy use natural plant extracts to aid health. Nature often provides an answer to many of the problems the human body finds itself in, by stimulating and providing balance for the body to regain it's state of health or equilibrium. There are many herbal remedies and essential oils for the skin, heart, head, lungs, digestive, musculo-skeletal, nervous, endocrine, reproductive and immune systems that are in need of a boost. There are also recommended herbs for your age, star sign, colour preferences, personality, biotype, seasons, and moods. Steve qualified with NCFE Level 4 in Advanced Herbalism, NCFE Level 4 Advanced Aromatherapy and the RHS Certificate in Horticulture.

Herbal remedies can be taken in many different ways such as in natural food or drink, in capsules, through the breath, and via the skin by massage, scrubs, or a soak or wash. Finding the best balance of herbs, and right method of ingestion, in the right quantity, and strength, are key benefits to a private consultation. These remedies should be considered complimentary to, and not a substitute for, conventional healthcare. So, please [continue to] contact your medical practitioner for medical advice on a particular health problem.

A 20 minute consultation here, over an email, or on the phone is free. However, for those of you who want to discuss more fully your issues, I offer a dedicated face to face consultation, and I offer 10% off your first follow-up treatment or product.  My popular herbal massage treatments are Aromatherapy Massage and Full Body Thai Hot Herbal Compress Massage, and my product range includes Homoeopathic, Herbal and Nutritional Remedies and essential oils and oil blends.

The Herbalism and Aromatherapy Consultation looks at your personal facts, which can be supplied by an email prior to meeting if you prefer to save time here. Eating habits, sleep pattern, medical history and current health concerns, skin and muscular condition, toxin intake, detoxification processes, exercise, stress levels, emotional, financial, time and physical restraints can all effect your choice of natural herbal or aromatherapy product.

When I thought 'Herbalism', I thought of a cross between mind-blowing drugs and witchcraft. But once you explained to me the benefits of natural plant extracts, it really is not so crazy an idea to find out more.




Relax and enjoy personalised herbal advice by Steve in Southampton. Enjoy with a complimentary glass of freshly blended juice from organic vegetables or fruits. Ring or email Steve now on 02380639913 or 07968065885 to book or buy products that aren't available on my Neal's Yard Remedies shop or my Amazon shop.

Read my Herbal blogs and Aromatherapy blogs for more of my personal knowledge and experience.


Session Time


Herbalist and Aromatherapy Consultation and Treatment 40 mins £35
  60 mins £45
  90 mins £65

*A chargeable consultation allows you to 10% off your first follow up product or treatment (for example Aromatherapy Massage or Body, Massage, and Bath Oils).

Membership and Course Purchases reduce the price. Speak to your private health insurance or employer as they may provide you with subsidies or full payment for your treatments and training.