A weight loss programme that is healthy, effective and at the right pace to suit you, is my goal. You can have 10 pounds, 10 kg or 10 stone to lose, and the benefits be may for health (such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and depression), well-being, confidence, a holiday, wedding, birthday, special event, in preparation for bariatric surgery or for any other good reason !

Steve is a Consultant for the Cambridge Weight Plan Programmes, and is further qualified with a Level 3 NCFE Certificate in Nutritional Therapy, a NACNE Certificate in Nutrition for Weight Management,a NACNE Certificate in Sports Nutrition and also as a Detox Specialist.

I advise and prepare your programme with conventional food and/or Cambridge Weight Plan nutritionally complete food from 600kcals to 1500 kcals per day. Cambridge Weight Plan (CWP) offers a huge range of meal replacements that include soups, shakes, bars, porridges, ready made shakes, and actual meals such as curry, spaghetti bolognese, risotto and macaroni cheese if you would rather not eat conventional food. CWP ensures your body receives its recommended daily allowance for vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of weight loss at al Covo with Steve, are:

  • Private 1-on-1 consultations in a discrete suite - no group meetings. These include measurements, a chat on what's been happening with you over the week, my advice for the next week, and purchase of next week's food, as applicable.
  • A friendly face with a supportive, approachable, honest, informative, organised, discrete, confidential, understanding, motivational and professional manner.
  • Someone who's been there - I lost 2.5 stone in 3 months, and have kept it off - because I changed my attitude to food and nutrition, and made life-changing differences.
  • Adherance to COMA and NICE guidelines on Very Low Calorie Diets (under 800kcals per day) and decisions from a medical team at Cambridge and your doctor, if required to respect your safety.
  • A holistic approach giving you a range of flexible programmes based on your lifestyle, likes and dislikes, exercise levels, medical conditions, goals, obstacles, support network, and any other important factors in your life.
  • Access to a large, tasty range of nutritionally complete meals - 7 soups, 14 shakes/mousses, 7 bars, 3 porridges, 4 hot meals and 1 hot dessert.
  • Low prices - £2.20-£2.60 per nutritionally complete meal.
  • The CWP foods are specially formulated to take you into a state of mild ketosis - which means you do not feel as hungry as you think you will - it gives you a state of happiness, minimising lean muscle tissue loss, and is nutritionally complete, so your body wants for nothing and often functions better due to you getting all the vitamins and minerals you want.
  • CWP is globally recognised as the premium brand of research into formula foods and medical consultations. It has 30 years of scientific evidence to back up its success, and maintains strong research with the World Health Organisation and many governments. CWP has proven benefits for diabetes, osteoarthritis, sleep apnoea, pain reduction, dyspnoea, asthma, cancers, blood pressure and coronary heart disease and studies continue to prove its effectiveness in reducing localised fat storage in the body.
  • Lots of motivational tools. Free online forums with other CWP dieters nationwide, nationwide CWP competitions, an Android/Apple mobile app, £30 of vouchers, 5% off for couples, my Blog, Facebook and Twitter pages, landline/ mobile availability 7 days a week, certificates as you reach progressive milestones, and my Slimmer of the Season wins a £50 al Covo or John Lewis voucher.
  • Beneficial treatments - combine your programme with a Body Wrap, TENS treatment, some of my weight loss tea and skin tightening toning cream, or reward yourself with any Massage or Well-Being treatment.
  • 33% off an Exercise Programme and Electro Muscular Stimulation to better maintain lean muscle tissue while on the diet and build up a good range of activities to maintain long term weight and health.
  • Enduring care - once you achieve your weight loss target, I help you stabilise and maintain that weight as you start to choose food to buy, cook and eat it, choose takeaways, snacks, drinks and eat out again.

Have an objective and I will help you plan how to best achieve it, take you through the stages, and keep you at your new weight once you're there with inspirational advice and motivating tools - that's all part of the free private service.


Enjoy the benefits of learning and achieving your own weight loss and management with Steve in Southampton. Ring or email Steve now on 02380639913 or 07968065885 and begin your new life. You won't regret the benefits to your confidence, looks and health.

Suggested consultation times:

Weight Loss Calorie Controlled Diets

Session Time


Initial visit and plan preparation 60 mins £25
Weekly or Monthly follow up visits 5-20 mins
*No charge will be asked for if more than £30 of CWP products is bought.