Steve is qualified by many different schools worldwide and has created a series of signature treatments for clients that deserve something extraordinary. The series offers a little bit more than the usual spa experience, bringing artistry together with bodywork. A signature treatment is less of a prescribed treatment, more of a workshop experience for those that like to think out of the box.

The Ayurvedic Rebalancing Signature Treatment includes Kizhi, Shirodhara, Indian Head Massage and Ayurvedic Massage, along with a complimentary Ayurvedic Consultation. Spiritual Indian music takes you through a choreographed journey of the Eastern wisdom of life, in the unique luxury setting of al Covo's private suite.

 I am often asked to create something individual for clients - they want me to decide and create a new form when they visit. These 'present time' events are often such a success, I wanted to be able to encourage more clients to evolve into the space as they surrender.

Ring or email Steve now on 02380639913 or 07968065885 to discuss your experience or to book.


Session Time


Ayurvedic Rebalancing 3 hours £130