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Ayurvedic Rebalancing

The Ayurvedic Rebalancing Signature Treatment honours your body in a traditional Indian way of maintaining health and beauty through their knowledge of life (Ayur-veda in Sankrit). Detoxification, nutrition, nourishment through herbs and natural products (naturopathy), meditation and massage are key elements to health in Ayurveda that are practiced here. The package includes a skin detoxification (panchakarma) treatment with a sizzling hot oil and herbal compress traditionally called Kizhi, a heated oil flow onto the forehead and third eyes (Shirodhara), Indian Head Massage and Ayurvedic Full Body Massage, along with a complimentary Ayurvedic Consultation. Spiritual Indian music takes you through a choreographed journey of the Eastern wisdom of life, in the unique luxury setting of al Covo's private suite.

Steve is your therapist, who has travelled and worked in Kerala and Goa, India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives.


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Ayurvedic Rebalancing Signature Package 3 hours £150
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The memories of my awesome Indian experiences came back to me! I remember the constant smell of burning incense, bright rainbow colours, dancing and smiles of southern Indian people - a feast of the senses on my body.

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